Chris's American Restaurant



About Chris's American Restaurant

Chris’s American Restaurant was a restaurant specializing in “creative American” cuisine. Chris’s American Restaurant was located on Federal Road in Brookfield, Connecticut. Bought by Chris Bruno in 1990 and sold to Eli Hawli in 2010, it is now known as 189 Sports Café.

The restaurant was once known as Fiddler’s Restaurant, and has been featured in multiple newspapers over the years. Alongside making several renovations and changes to the restaurant on purchase, owner Chris Bruno changed the name in 2003 to “Chris’s American Restaurant” to better suit the progressive style and theme of the restaurant, and to coincide with a project to expand the available parking space.

There has been a restaurant in this location for the past 90 years, going through many evolutions, from a hot dog stand in the 1920s to Fiddler’s in 1983 and evolving into Chris’s American Restaurant under Bruno’s innovative ownership. Chris’s American Restaurant evolved from a local tavern to a popular and sophisticated eatery serving such tempting entrees as tortilla-wrapped yellow fin tuna, paella Valencia, and farfalle with wild mushrooms, as well as the ever-popular grilled, marinated pork chops carried over from the old menu.

The restaurant’s forward-thinking menu and atmosphere was largely due to modifications made by Chris Bruno, who had previously worked at Restaurant L’Europe in New York. Adding Latin and Asian inspiration to traditional American cuisine and rotating its menu to fit the seasons, Chris’s American Restaurant was a favorite with couples both old and young.