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The Many Faces of American Cuisine

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Formerly known as Fiddler’s Restaurant Brookfield, Chris’s American Restaurant served progressive American cuisine for nearly 20 years. Connecticut chef Chris Bruno ran Chris’s American Restaurant until its sale in 2009.


Cuisine from the United States of America is a rich mix of cultural and regional specialties that have been strongly influenced by the influx of immigrants from many different countries. Chinese and Italian immigrants were highly instrumental in the process of defining American cuisine as we know it today. Pan dishes and other Chinese specialties, such as fried rice, chow mien, and spare ribs, now feature prominently on the menus of many American restaurants. Pizza, meatballs, parmigiana, and lasagna from Italian kitchens also rapidly permeated American cooking.


Americans recognize hamburgers as quintessentially American, according to a survey by Food & Wine magazine. While opinions vary regarding the origin of the hamburger, many attribute the dish to Germany, where a “Hamburg steak,” shaped accordingly, was offered just outside the city of Hamburg. Fries, which often accompany burgers and other American specialties, have their origins in Belgium and France.

Chris's American Restaurant: The Past and Present of the Connecticut Restaurant Association

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An eatery in Brookfield, Connecticut, that stood on a historic location, Chris's American Restaurant served customers under the management of owner and Chef Chris Bruno. Supporting the wider restaurant industry, Chris Bruno spent one term as a board member with the Connecticut Restaurant Association.


Founded in the early 1970s, the Connecticut Restaurant Association (CRA), originally called the Associated Restaurants of Connecticut, started out as an education and legislative advocacy group. Over the years, membership increased, and key legislators and other stakeholders recognized the Association as the face of the state's hospitality sector.


Presently, the CRA acts as a unified front for a sector of the state economy that provides 145,000 jobs. Members reap a variety of benefits in exchange for their dues. Such benefits include credit and payroll processing, legal advice, music licensing, and insurance access. Further, members receive additional benefits like discounts from partnering vendors and friends of the industry such as Sysco, Mircos, and Siegel, O'Connor, O'Donnell, and Beck, PC.